Building an observation and monitoring system to assess the impacts of climate change on the biodiversity of Andean mountain ecosystems: The work of the GLORIA-ANDES Network

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Climate change involves rapid variations in temperature and alterations in precipitation patterns. In the case of mountain ecosystems and vegetation, these changes have major implications for plant species and communities. Long-term ecological studies conducted by the Global Alpine Environment Monitoring Initiative (GLORIA) demonstrate the high sensitivity to climate of many elements of biodiversity, especially high mountain vascular plant communities. However, the responses of the different species that make up these communities are very particular and their degree of susceptibility depends on several factors, such as their physiological and evolutionary adaptations, or their ecological and genetic plasticity. In this context, the GLORIA-Andes Network has been formed with a dozen monitoring sites installed throughout the Andes to evaluate the impact of climate change on the high altitude vegetation in the Andes. This bulletin presents the main results of the Network and the efforts to promote its sustainability.

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