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This publication brings together research results that have contributed to fill part of the knowledge gaps in the Southern Region of Ecuador and have led to a better understanding of the ecology and functioning of one of the most fragile, vulnerable and important ecosystems in the tropical Andes. At the same time, it allowed us to establish the scientific basis for the long-term monitoring of the impacts of global changes on the elements of biodiversity. We expect that this information will become a strategic input for the generation of predictions and, above all, for the development of local adaptation measures in the face of the impacts of global change in the region.

Reference: Aguirre N, T Ojeda, P Eguiguren & Z Aguirre (Eds.). 2015. Cambio climático y biodiversidad: Estudio del caso  de los páramos del Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Ecuador. Programa  de  biodiversidad  y servicios Ecosistémicos. Universidad Nacional de Loja, Ecuador. Pp 272.