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Parque Nacional Sajama is the first protected area in Bolivia, created in 1939. The Protected Area constitutes one of the main conservation units of the high Andean ecosystem of Bolivia and the Andes, where you can find archaeological sites, volcanic formations and unique ecosystems for the country such as the open forests of queñua (Polylepis tarapacana) rising up to 5200 m and resinous cushions of yareta (Azorella compacta) reaching up to 2 m in diameter. Its altitudinal range varies between 4100 and 6540 m in the snowy Sajama, presents a scenic beauty for the important diversity of high Andean ecosystems from bofedales, tholares to queñuales and thermal waters where you can see vicuñas, suris and others. This guide reflects selected flowering plants from Sajama NP, especially from the site GLORIA ( established on four peaks between 4200 and 4930 m of altitude.